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Rules & Agreements
1. General Provisions

1.1. Usd-trade LTD is an online investment company in Seychelles and operates in accordance with Seychelles law. Interaction with the company involves financial investments, the result of which is a fixed profit depending on the chosen investment plan.
1.2. Usd-trade LTD operates only online through the official website
1.3. Usd-trade LTD is a non-public company and does not provide financial or trading reports.
1.4. Usd-trade LTD offers an investment service on an ongoing basis without the possibility of returning the invested amount.
1.5. By registering on the website, the Client agrees that he/she has read these rules and agrees to adhere to them when cooperating with Usd-trade LTD.
1.6 As a private transaction, this program is exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and all other rules, regulations and amendments thereof.

2. Rights and Obligations of Usd-trade LTD

2.1. Usd-trade LTD is protected from any external influence to a maximum possible extend, prevents any type of fraud and/or theft of personal information. Database and content management system (CMS) are located on a dedicated server, resistant to cracking and DDoS attacks. The transmission of all Client data passes through the encrypted channel, which is provided by Comodo's 256-bit SSL certificate.
2.2. Usd-trade LTD adheres to the privacy policy related to the personal information of the client. We never disclose information about your activities within this website (personal and contact information, information about deposits and profits) to third parties.
2.3. Usd-trade LTD may provide user data to a third party in the following exceptional cases:
- In case of obtaining a court decision on providing the necessary information about our Client.
- In case of violation by the Client of these rules or suspicion of fraudulent activities on his/her part.
- In case of receiving such a request directly from the Client.
2.4. Usd-trade LTD provides investment services only to individuals who have read and agreed to these rules, and also have an active account on the company's website.
2.5. Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, Dash, Bitcoin cash, Perfect Money and Payeer are the available payment method for investment and profit.
2.6. Usd-trade LTD accrues income only in accordance with the terms of the investment proposal. Usd-trade LTD reserves the right to accrue additional fees at its discretion as bonuses, either once or on an ongoing basis.
2.7. Usd-trade LTD handles all financial transactions instantly and automatically. Any delay in payments may be related to repair work on the website of the automatic payment processor (API) or on the company's website. Usd-trade LTD may notify the Clients of a temporary lack of access in the "News" section or by e-mail.
2.8. All deposits made under the Usd-trade LTD investment program are permanent, final and irrevocable.
2.9. The company has the right to refuse cooperation without explaining the reasons for this decision.

3. Rights and obligations of Clients

3.1. Client of Usd-trade LTD can be a citizen of any country that has reached the age of majority, if this does not violate the current legislation of the country where he/she lives. You agree to be of legal age in your country to partake in this program, and in all the cases your minimal age must be 18 years. Usd-trade LTD is not available to the general public and is opened only to the qualified members of Usd-trade LTD, the use of this site is restricted to our members and to individuals personally invited by them. Every deposit is considered to be a private transaction between the Usd-trade LTD and its Member.
3.2. The Client must read and agree to these rules before commencing his/her cooperation with Usd-trade LTD.
3.3. The Client can register and use one personal account, where he/she can act as an investor or raise funds for obtaining additional earnings in the form of a referral commission.
3.4. The Client has the right to receive income in accordance with the chosen investment strategy and to have several deposits at the same time.
3.5. The Client has the right to participate in the Usd-trade LTD partnership program, to attract new investors and to receive referral commission. It is strictly forbidden to use a referral link for mass mailing (spam). Violation of this rule may result in blocking of the Client's account and his/her deposit without guarantees of return.
3.6. The Client can become the official representative of Usd-trade LTD in the region of his/her residence and earn an additional commission of 2%.

4. Final provisions

4.1. When deciding to cooperate with Usd-trade LTD and making a deposit, you agree that our past financial results are not an absolute guarantee of future profits. Use online investment rules in collaboration with Usd-trade LTD.